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estee and buffy in tomboy looks

Conceived in Montreal traffic in 2018, it took over a year for our founder, Melinda B., to fastidiously bring Hoyden to the world. An obsession with footwear and fashion goes as far back as she can remember, so when her plan was announced to family and friends, every one of them said “duh, that makes perfect sense”. Some of them even smacked themselves on the forehead and gesticulated excitedly.


found melinda B. smiles and holds tilda


A hoyden is a woman of saucy, boisterous, or carefree behaviour, she is a tomboy, a gamine. She knows that her version of femininity is not sensual, not classic, definitely not basic and she is confident that she doesn’t want to be any of those things in life or in fashion. #HoydenFemme


Every meticulously designed shoe is handcrafted in Spain with the butteriest leather by the most amazing craftsmen and maintains the highest quality standard. Our founder’s love of shoes made her want to make sure that the women wearing Hoyden love HER shoes.



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