Pricing transparency

At Hoyden we strive to provide our customers with core information about our products to make informed decisions. For consumers to understand the level of detail and cost of quality craftsmanship that go into our products, we have gathered the essential costs that go into making Hoyden Shoes.

These essential costs include:

  • Production (cost of materials and manufacturing)
  • Transportation (shipping from Spain to Canada)
  • Admin (such as operating costs and product development)
  • Packaging (box design + accoutrements)
  • Importation (cost of Customs/Duties into Canada)

We have not included fluctuating costs such as Marketing and Staffing as these vary over time, but should nonetheless be considered when thinking about the price of Hoyden footwear.

Why doesn't Hoyden do promotions?

Promotions are designed to turn over poor performing inventory and remove older styles allowing for an injection of new pieces. At Hoyden we believe in the quality craftsmanship of our product teamed with timeless design that go into Hoyden's footwear. We don’t believe in replacing one’s wardrobe with new pieces every season. Instead, we aim to produce quality goods that you can wear season after season for years to come, and in doing so, hope that we can disrupt a cycle of rampant consumerism perpetuated by the fashion industry with no regard for its social and environmental impacts. 

Instead of promotions we occasionally have sample sales where we give our customers the opportunity to purchase some of our samples or gently used (in photoshoots) footwear. If you're keen for a deal, keep your eye out for these very limited moments by signing up to our newsletter or following us on Instagram.