When we set out to find a manufacturer we approached multiple shoe makers throughout Spain. We made multiple samples and versions of our collection to gage cost and quality. This exercise allowed us to experiment and get to know the wide range of quality products throughout the industry. It also provided us with the knowledge to make decisions that reflected the type of business we wanted to be. Did we want to manufacture the lowest priced shoe? Or did we want to create a more customized product, made with comfort in mind, using high quality materials and specialized details?

After seeing the different qualities and prices that were possible, we opted to create a product that we truly felt was worth the cost. At its core Hoyden is about shoes designed and produced with thoughtful consideration and love for each and every pair.

All Hoyden products are built to last (that is, as long as you care for them! ). Taking care of your girls will comfortably give you years of wear. The root of all our models in historic menswear styles means that your girls will be as relevant in 10 years as they are today.

Get into the details

Where are Hoydens made?

Hoyden products are exclusively handcrafted in Spain.

Spain is famous in the footwear industry and is the one of the largest shoe manufacturing hubs in Eurpoe. All of the leather we use is also manufactured in Spain. Embellishments, such as buckles, studs and laces, are all made in Europe.

Who makes them?

We spent months going back and forth with these gentle souls. They were pivotal in making certain decisions for the Hoyden brand. We didn’t want to partner with just any craftsmen.

It was critical for us to be able to bring the workmanship that goes into traditional men's footwear to Hoyden shoes. Just because you produce shoes, doesn't mean you can create quality footwear, especially footwear that has a longstanding tradition behind it. The Oxford shoe has been made and worn for 400 years, and we wanted to bring those traditions into women's wear. This is why we chose partners that had a longstanding experience in crafting men's shoes.

What are Hoydens made of?

Hoyden products are handcrafted with quality materials, all of which are sourced from Spain and Europe. We exclusively use natural leathers and durable materials that offer quality, comfort and a long life to our products, allowing our customers to buy less often. Read more about our thoughts on sustainability here.

Why do we follow a slow business model?

We produce in small batches that don't change with the seasons. Our core styles pull from long standing menswear traditions; this way we can guarantee our models will remain relevant and are not based on seasonal trends.