Sustainability and the environment is ever present in our minds and efforts. No matter what we do, making anything takes a toll on the world we live in. The only way is to make less. The truest test of our craftsmanship lies in the longevity of the products we make. We make and we want you to buy quality products that can stand the test of time.

Our designs go beyond trends and seasons. When you look at history of Hoyden 10 years from now, we want our styling to be just as relevant.

Our goal is to avoid highly toxic processes, which is why you'll never see metallic or synthetic leathers in our collections. We never use Calf leather, that's just cruel. When it comes to packaging, we always use recycled and recyclable materials and we encourage you to reuse them as well. Use the recycled plastic bags to take out your recycling, reuse our ribbon in your hair, have a bit of fun. Our goal is to always get better and we are consistently challenging ourselves to improve the way we do business.