ESTÉE - Pink Oxford Shoe ESTÉE - Pink Oxford Shoe ESTÉE - Pink Oxford Shoe ESTÉE - Pink Oxford Shoe ESTÉE - Pink Oxford Shoe ESTÉE - Pink Oxford Shoe ESTÉE - Pink Oxford Shoe ESTÉE - Pink Oxford Shoe

ESTÉE - Pink Oxford Shoe

ESTÉE, in pink, was handcrafted from a supple and smooth Spanish leather. She is a solid, dare we say it, “millennial pink” menswear-inspired oxford with tonal laces, a round toe and perforated brogue detailing.

Differentiating her from a traditional shoe, she has a chunky 3 tiered leather outsole (or welt), adding a little more oomph and drama. The heel is half rubber, making it easy to replace by a cobbler when it gets worn down from use.

Oxfords can be distinguished from other types of shoes by their lacing, the facing and quarter sections of the shoe anatomy are stitched underneath the vamp of the shoe. This makes the shoe less flexible but it looks damn good and was designed as a foolproof formal shoe.

She is the perfect semi-formal shoe and will punch up your wardrobe and your day. Even though the Oxford shoe was inspired by formal-wear, you shouldn't be deterred from wearing ESTÉE with any outfit you desire, from mini-skirts or shorts to the perfect dress or suit. Just like the forward thinking woman these shoes were named for, you'll never be basic.

Ordering shoes online can be tricky, we recommend referring to our size guide for the right fit.

Care Instructions
To preserve the beauty of your Hoyden shoes we recommend using a shoe horn to put on your shoes. Don't wiggle your foot around until it goes in, that's a sure way to ruin the structure of your shoe. When not wearing your Hoyden shoes, it is best to maintain the structure of your shoe with a shoe-tree.
Clean away dirt promptly using a non abrasive damp cloth, allow to dry away from heat or cold temperatures. Use a leather cleaner for small scuffs, allow to dry fully then apply a shoe cream to maintain and preserve the beauty of your shoes.
If you take care of your girl, she’ll take care of you!

Oxford shoe
Brogue detailing
Pale pink pebble grain leather
Solid colour
Matching laces
Round toe-line
Lace-up front
Leather lining
Thick leather sole
Wing tip